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Trifari Kunio Matsumoto Pearl Necklace
Vintage Costume Jewelry Catalog > Trifari Kunio Matsumoto Pearl Necklace

B-2796 Trifari Kunio Matsumoto Pearl Necklace

A lovely Trifari necklace, this was designed by Kunio Matsumoto. His jewelry is highly sought after and are very collectible. His designs are timeless and this necklace is enhanced with large,  pink, apricot and cream colored pearls all in excellent condition. The necklace  
measures 17 inches long; the center porition measures 3 x 4-1/2 inches wide. Gorgeous in person, pictures just don't capture the beauty of the colors in the synthetic pearls.

bobbrown1957@yahoo.com bobbrown1957@yahoo.com

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