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Juliana Jewelry

The DeLizza & Elster

Education Site



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To Juliana Jewelry,
the site where you can learn how to recognize genuine DeLizza & Elster (D&E) Jewelry.
DeLizza & Elster
Was a costume jewelry design house that was in business from the late 1940's through the 1980's. Today, D&E jewelry is also known as "Juliana", a line of D&E jewelry made for 2 years from 1964-1966.


Identify D&E Jewelry:
Please review our tutorials, which illustrate the characteristics of D&E jewelry. These tutorials will enable you to learn how to easily to recognize a DeLizza & Elster. Part of becoming comfortable in recognizing D&E is viewing the jewelry itself.
Please review our verified files by using the links below.
DeLizza & Elster
aka Juliana Jewelry


we are no longer submitting jewelry for verification. If your jewelry cannot be identified as D&E by our archives,
The Site will be changing in the next month to a Better easier way to check for your Jewelry to see if it is
Delizza and Elster

 Book Reviews for DeLizza and Elster aka Juliana Jewelry


The Art Of Juliana Jewelry

By Katerina Musetti

I give this book a 10 Star rating

Oh, the wonders of Juliana. This hardcover book with dust cover was published by Schiffer Books and contains a fantasy world of Juliana. The Juliana jewelry is photographed perfectly on glossy paper and a professional model was used to give an up close and personal look at what the pieces look like when worn. This is an absolutely all encompassing reference guide with great detail taken to describe and show the backs of the pieces for educational purposes as to construction. This glorious book is an absolute asset to any DeLizza and Elster aka Juliana Collector and/or dealer and I recommend the purchase of this book.

This Book can be Purchased at Amazon.com   


           Juliana Jewelry Reference Identification and Value Guide

Written by: Ann Pitman

I Give this book a 10 Star

From the moment I opened this book I knew that it would be an invaluable reference guide for Juliana Jewelry.   This book contains 320 pages of photographs, it is hard cover and was published by Collector Books.  The photographs are absolutely magnificient and reflect the exact colors of the pieces.  Pitman did much research and did quite a bit of explanation as well as photographs of the construction of these beauties.  This is a must have book for anyone who collects and/or deals in Juliana. 




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