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Selro and Selini Bracelets
 African Faces, Pirates and Noh Masks are collector favorites among the Selro and Selini bracelets. Always colorful lucite cabochons and detailed settings, the designs varied from chunky to elegant with pearls, glass cabochons and rhinestones. 

Selro Bracelet African Faces Cabochons, Pearls and Figurals
 Considered Very Rare
 Selro Bracelet Noh Mask, Colored Cabochon Fobs, Rhinestones
 Selro Bracelet African Coral Faces, Cabochons and Rhinestones
Considered Rare
Selro Bracelet Red Cabochons with Rhinestones and Pearls
 Selro Bracelet Blue Pirates on Each Link with Blue Rhinestones
Considered Very Rare
 Selro Bracelet White Noh Mask with Green Cabochons and Rhinestones
 Selro Bracelet Reddish Brown and Jonquil Satin Cabochons with Rhinestones
 Selro Bracelet Rootbeet Cabochons with Amber Rhinestones
 Selro Bracelet Green Cabochons and Rhinestones
 Selro Bracelet Thai Girls White Face with Carved Lucite Cabochons
 Selini Bracelet Pearls and Rhinestones
 Selro Bracelet Serpent, Cabochons,
Pearls and Rhinestones
Considered Rare
 Selro Bracelet Black and Coral Cabochons with Rhinestones
 Selro Bracelet Pale Green Satin Cabochons and Rhinestones with Pearls
 Selro Bracelet Thai Girls in Ivory, Dark Green Cabochons and Pearls
 Selro Bracelet Multi Color Cabochons
 Selro Bracelet Pink Luicite Confetti with Rhinestones
 Selro Bracelet Charms of Native African Faces  in Ivory with Shields and Claws
Considered Rare
 Selro Bracelet Amethyst Cabochons and Rhinestones
 Selro Bracelet Vivid Yellow Confetti Cabochons
 Selro Bracelet Blue Cabochons and Rhinestones
 Selro Bracelet Light Amethyst Frosted Cabochons, Pearls and Rhinestones
 Selro Bracelet Opaline Cabochons with Amethyst Rhinestones
Selini Pink Moonstone with Amethyst Cabochons and Rhinestones
Selro Pink Lucite Cabochon with Amethyst Rhinestones
Selro Bracelet Multi Color Cabochons and Accent Pearls
 Selro Unsigned Pastel and Ivory Confetti Bracelet
 Selro Unsigned Blue Lucite and Rhinestone Bracelet
 Selro Unsigned Amber Cabochon Bracelet
 Selro Early Unsigned Green Glass Bracelet
 Selro Rare Unsigned Pirate Gold Tone Bracelet
 Selro Unsigned Black Cabochon Bracelet
Selro Hinged Green Cabochon Bracelet
 Selro Rare Unsigned Pirate Bracelet
 Selro Unsigned Blue Pearl Wide Bracelet
 Selro Large Pink Cabochon Bracelet
Selro Unsigned Copper and Lucite Bracelet
Selro Unsigned Chunky Blue Silver Filigree Bracelet
Selro Pink Lucite and Pearl Cuff Bracelet
  Selro Unsigned Amber Lucite Bracelet
Selro Unsigned Turqouise Bracelet

Selro Unsigned Purple Cabochon Bracelet
Selro Unsigned Cranberry Lucite Confetti Cabochon Bracelet
 Selro Unsigned Blue Confetti Cabochon Bracelet
 Selro Unsigned Scarabs and Faces Bracelet
 Selro Green and Amethyst Nouveau Faces Bracelet
Selro Unsigned Colored Glass Cabochon Bracelet
Black Glass Cabochon Bracelet
Selro Red Noh Mask Bracelet
  Selro Unsigned Pastel  Bacelet
Selro Rare White African Faces Bracelet
Selro Unsigned Aqua Confetti Bracelet
Selro Unsigned Black and Pink Cuff Bracelet
Selro Unsigned Green Confetti Bracelet
Selro Unsigned Green Nouveau Faces Bracelet
Selro Unsigned Ivory Confetti cuff Bracelet
Selro Unsigned Coral and Gray Confetti and Rhinestone Bracelet

Selro Unsigned Rootbeer Cuff Bracelet

Selro Unsigned Mint Green Confetti Bracelet

Selro Unsigned Green Faces Bracelet

Selro - Selini
Selro - Selini
Selro - Selini
Selro - Selini

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